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0000822FreeCADPatchpublic2012-09-05 12:03
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Summary0000822: Two little tweaks for the python console
DescriptionHi everyone,

maybe a matter of taste, but I found myself annoyed by two aspects in the behaviour of the python conssole:
 * while changing the window focus TOWARDS the FreeCAD-console by a click, the cursor appears somewhere in the history, unless I really aim at the last line.
 * the history backward search stops on each key press, even if that key didn't change the line's content.

Actually, it's sort of an extension to ticket 0000489, but I thought it's maybe better to open a new one.
Additional InformationThe attached patch changes these two things, by quite small changes
 # overriding the mouseReleaseEvent of the console's TextEdit
    - on left-click move cursor to end of last input line
    - differentiates between left-click and selection => history selection kept unchanged
 # restarting history search only if input line changed

Sorry, I'm not the great git guru yet. I didn't manage to create a partial diff of a certain revision. So it's just a plain patch file without commit message.
Hope it's ok anyway.
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2012-09-03 14:05


diff_console.patch (Attachment missing)


2012-09-05 12:03

administrator   ~0002346

Thanks a patch is ok for me.

git show 3140c13

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