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0000823FreeCADPatchpublic2012-09-06 08:38
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Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000823: Extension of Facet class for getting vertex indices natively
DescriptionFor exporting a mesh it's important to know the indices of the mesh vertices a facet consists of.
This data exists in a Facet and is even "given" by it's string representation, but is not accessable directly.
This really limits the ability of mesh exporters coded in python.
Additional InformationThe attached patch adds an attribute "MeshIndices" and a native method "FacetPy::getMeshIndices()" to get the vertex indices as a three-int-tuple.
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2012-09-03 14:28


0001-FacetPy-added-Attribute-MeshIndices-for-getting-the-.patch (Attachment missing)


2012-09-05 10:35

administrator   ~0002344

Would you mind if I rename the attribute to "PointIndices" because this is what it actually means? Additionally we can have another attribute "NeighbourIndices" which gives the indices of the neighbour facets.


2012-09-05 13:44

reporter   ~0002347

I don't mind of course, PointIndices is probably the better name.
Good idea to provide NeighbourIndices as well.


2012-09-06 08:38

administrator   ~0002351

git show 629cf65

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