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0000862DraftBugpublic2013-06-15 18:04
Reporterwmayer Assigned Toyorik  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.14Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0000862: Draft toolbar doesn't disappear when switching workbenches
DescriptionSteps to reproduce:
* From e.g. Part workbench go to Draft
* Go to Part
* Go to Draft
* Go to Part

Now, there is a tool bar (Draft Snap) that doesn't disappear but the others do. And when checking the available tool bars in the View menu the Draft Snap isn't listed there.
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2012-10-30 10:44

administrator   ~0002474

Actually that was at first the intended behaviour (that you could still use the draft snaps in other modules). The other problem (when switching workbenches, the name of the draft toolbar doesn't appear in the list) I couldn't solve yet...

But actually that draft toolbar is at the moment a quick hack (all made in pyqt), and needs to be redone properly, using FreeCAD commands. This will solve both problems at once. I'll schedule it for after 0.13...


2013-06-13 18:35

administrator   ~0003201

git show 5a04ade should fix it. The snap toolbar now also appears in the Menu. And there is a translation fix.


2013-06-15 18:04

administrator   ~0003218

Aah I see, the trick was to specify its parent! Excellent, thanks for the fix Werner

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