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0000864FreeCADBugpublic2013-06-29 15:02
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Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0000864: Skin remains when cutting rectangle
DescriptionUsing git version:
FreeCAD 0.13, Libs: 0.13R1535 (Git: 8de40bc3a)

When cutting a rectangular shape out, part of the object is left behind (i.e., not a clean cut). Confirmed on another computer.

Result in attached file. Tools used when producing result:
1. Use DWire to make shape
2. Place circles in required locations
3. Place rectangle in required location
4. Extrude all elements
5. Select main shape, select cut out shape, use the "Make a cut" button to remove selected cut out shape
6. Works for all elements except for the rectangle

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FreeCAD Information


2012-10-30 21:56


NOCTAR-bracket.FCStd (Attachment missing)


2012-10-31 05:20

administrator   ~0002478

Can confirm the problem, but put it on low prio.
This kind of modeling (CSG) is not preferred and known to lead to problems
due to easely count up small errors.
Please use PartDesign Sketcher and Pad/Pocket for such a modeling.


2013-06-29 15:02

administrator   ~0003294

Using OCC 6.5 there issue is still there but when switching to OCC 6.6 it disappears. So, it was actually an OCC bug

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