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0000866DraftBugpublic2012-11-02 20:03
Reportermzahor1 Assigned Toyorik  
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Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000866: Converting from draft to sketch - object is lost without error

I'm using 0.13 version for MAC OS X [ Mountail Lion ]
I've imported PATHs from SVG file. Converting from DRAFT to SKETCH doesn't work - selected PATH just
disappears without error message in Report View. Sketch object in "Labels and Attributes" is added but is empty.
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2012-11-02 12:29


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2012-11-02 18:35

administrator   ~0002483

Btw, the SVG import is broken. See

The sketch is empty because the draft contains only b-spline curves which cannot be converted into sketch equivalents.

@Yorik, would it be possible to change the behaviour of the command that it does NOT delete the draft objects?


2012-11-02 20:03

administrator   ~0002485

Done in e29de5d

Indeed the problem is that all the edges of the imported object are bsplines, which are not supported yet by the sketcher. I did a small change so the user is now notified of the problem, and as Werner suggests, the original object is never deleted anymore (this is indeed safer until that tool works fully as expected).

I also fixed the problem in SVG import as stated in the forum post.

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