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0000894FreeCADFeaturepublic2013-02-13 09:06
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Summary0000894: Invert mouse Zoom for CAD mouse model

Hi guys :) ,

I have a small issue with handling zoom on CAD navigation style, concerning to the invert zoom option in preferences dialog. In normal mode CAD navigation style, zoom works using the scroll button of the mouse, sliding scroll up produces zoom out, sliding scroll down produces zoom in and combining mouse move + mouse buttons, the secuence is hold middle button + left or right mouse button (without hold) + move up mouse for zoom out, move down mouse for zoom in.

Well, if one selects in Edit -> Preferences ... Display -> 3D View -> Invert Zoom, the application inverts zoom in relation to sliding scroll button, but no respect to a combination of mouse movements and mouse buttons, namely, sliding scroll up produces zoom in, sliding scroll down produces zoom out, but the combination aforementioned are being the same (no inverted).

CATIA uses, by default, the inverted combination of button clicks and movements, and could be a good idea fix this issue, making less embarrasing the control of FreeCAD, specially for users with widely experience in CATIA or other 3D applications.

Thank you very much in advance,
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2012-11-29 12:37

administrator   ~0002599

The inconsistency was an easy thing to fix: git show 6d9539f
but it's up to you to decide what to define the normal behaviour (inverted or not)


2012-12-20 18:16

administrator   ~0002681

I set the standard to:
- reversed
- zoom step 0.2


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