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0000899FreeCADBugpublic2012-12-18 12:37
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Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000899: Unable to see any parts created when upgrading to latest freecad
DescriptionAfter re-installing freecad, I am unable to see any parts created previously but still have dimension lines and text visible in the drawings.

Additionally (possibly related), I am unable to see the Complete workbench: resulting error is:
/usr/lib/freecad-git/Mod/Part/ undefined symbol: _ZN7PartGui13TaskThickness16staticMetaObjectE

Both of the above has occurred in all freecad files I have previously created (not unique to specific file)
Additional InformationSteps to reproduce (non visible parts):

1. Open terminal and install freecad using yaourt -S freecad-git

2. Open attached file (either directly or from menu options in freecad)

Expected result: able to view and manipulate objects (such as boxes and cylinders)
Actual result: unable to see any objects but dimension lines and text is visible

Steps to reproduce (Complete Workbench error):

1. Open attached file

2. Click on the workbench drop down

3. Select Complete

Expected Result: enter into complete workbench mode
Actual Result: The following error appears: /usr/lib/freecad-git/Mod/Part/ undefined symbol: _ZN7PartGui13TaskThickness16staticMetaObjectE
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FreeCAD Information


2012-12-05 13:33


NOCTAR-bracket.FCStd (Attachment missing)

2012-12-05 16:37


FreeCAD.log (Attachment missing)


2012-12-05 16:38

reporter   ~0002615

Attached log file for additional information.


2012-12-07 10:20

administrator   ~0002622

> /usr/lib/freecad-git/Mod/Part/ undefined symbol: _ZN7PartGui13TaskThickness16staticMetaObjectE
If you built FreeCAD using automake this should be fixed now.


2012-12-18 12:37

administrator   ~0002659

No feedback. But is already done by fixing automake makefiles.

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