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0000982ArchFeaturepublic2013-07-18 14:05
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Summary0000982: Arch module - Space object
DescriptionA space object, that would define an empty space, and could be made of a solid, or defined by boundary objects (walls, floors, ceilings, etc). It should be able to return a volume, and if applicable a floor area, wall area, ceiling area, and if applicable openings area

Question is: how to define a volume by border planes...
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2013-02-06 13:46

administrator   ~0002887

Solutions to calculate the volume:

2013-02-06 14:16


space calculation.jpg (Attachment missing)


2013-02-06 14:17

administrator   ~0002888

More ideas - annexed space calculation.jpg


2013-07-18 14:05

administrator   ~0003416

Basic implementation done with commit b263789

A new space tool allows to create Space objects on top of a selected solid shape, or from several selected boundary faces. The Space object remains bound to the boundary object in case they change.

New boundaries can be added later on with the Arch Add tool, even on space objects created from a solid shape.

Existing boundaries can be removed from a Space object with the Arch Remove tool.

Space objects use the "Detailed" display mode to show the horizontal area (taken from a plane crossing the space at its central point) at the center of the space.

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