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Summary0001095: Free Flight View (inspection Tool)
DescriptionMost of us have played First Person Shooters games.

When you are not taking part in the battle,
you become a "spectator",
and can move around in the 3D world,
in some sort of free flight mode.

Depending on the game you might...
a. flight/view through walls, as if you were a ghost
b. have to go around objects (e.g. walls) as if you are a 3D being yourself.

Having the following scenarios in mind,
I thing option b, would work better for FreeCad.

What's the purpose of it?

To inspect what you have created.

Let's say, you've created a set of interconnecting pipes,
and want to see how the liquid would flow in them.
With this tool you could travel in the pipes as if you were the liquid yourself.

Or you might want to create a house.
With this tool you could flight around within the rooms,
pretending to be a person walking in the house.


I would even go as far as suggesting the use of the standard, FPS, keyboard shortcuts,
that many people are familiar with.
Meaning, of course, WSAD.
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2013-04-13 01:40

administrator   ~0003062

Honestly I see little point on trying to do that in FreeCAD, when it is simple to export your work to an application more suited for that kind of thing, like Blender.


2013-04-13 11:52

reporter   ~0003063

So what if you want to change something in your work.
Wouldn't that mean going back to Freecad,
make the change,
then export again,
then open, again, with Blender,
and then inspect again?

Depending on what you might want to create,
how many times will you have to go back and forth
between these programs?

That doesn't seem very practical.


2014-07-28 06:42

reporter   ~0004861

Last edited: 2014-07-28 06:48

Please, check the second video on the following link,
where, in the John Deere factory,
they have created a virtual, 3D copy of the production line.
Amongst others, they use what I refer to as a "Free Flight View"
to inspect the production process, and make the necessary changes,
before they even start the production!


2014-12-11 14:37

reporter   ~0005367

This post is to provide links to similar FreeCAD developments.

In the John Deere video nikospap referenced it looks like the user is wearing an Oculus Rift (or some similar VR device) and dev jriegel is working on support for this:

Additionally, FreeCAD forum member JMG has done something similar to a free flight view and has posted in the Users Showcase. It allows the user to define a path on which the camera travels, and then moves the camera along that path.


2014-12-20 00:24

developer   ~0005411

I've seen the feature in Serious Editor and I used it... only!
The standard CAD navigation is very usable for not-too-concave objects. But for exploring internal cavities that might be invisible from outside, free flight view is very handy. It's extremely hard to place the camera into a deep hole in an object with standard navigation.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016398

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5563.

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