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0001178FreeCADFeaturepublic2014-02-16 17:51
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Summary0001178: Increase decimal precision
DescriptionIf decimal precision was increased from 2 to 4, or even higher if it were selectable, then basic drawing could be done as the US system of length (i.e.inches). Simply enter dims in mm*1000. e.g. 2.12mm becomes 2.1234 inches or 2.123 and it could be entered exactly. Then just consider it to be inches. Later a scale could be done to each part to bring everything to true size in mm for export. Since FreeCAD will probably never have a true Imperial implementation, this may work for a majority of the users thereby increasing the FreeCAD user base. Always a good thing.
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related to 0000854 closedwmayer Ability to change number of digits to the right of decimal place in spinboxes 
related to 0001004 closed Spin box locked to 1 mm 



2013-07-13 20:03

manager   ~0003403

To add on this request, this specifically refers to the Task panel entry field for Part Design features.

Relevant forum topic:

As danielfalck points out, having more precision in Part Design features entry fields may also be useful in metric applications.


2013-11-16 16:57

reporter   ~0003887

I want to add a 'me too' to this after chatting with another user who needs more precision in his padding and pocketing, we noted that it could be changed after the fact in the Property Panel Data tab (if we set 'Tools' > 'Edit parameter' > 'Preferences' > 'Units' > 'Decimals' > 'New Integer item' as we always do) but we would like to add encouragement to have this made more consistent with how the rest of the application works.


2014-02-16 17:50

administrator   ~0004229

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