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0001211FreeCADBugpublic2016-05-05 20:00
Reporteraxiomaticbiz Assigned Towmayer  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version0.13 
Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0001211: ... cannot be written to BRep file ... Error on saving a model
DescriptionI have classed this as minor, not requiring fixing, because I only noticed it while running FreeCAD on Windows XP. However, I am logging it as a bug in case anybody else tries to save a complex model using an old computer with slow disc drives.

The symptoms are that on re-loading the file, some (or all) the shapes fail to be rendered. In addition, if the "report window" is open, and logging of errors enabled a

      "... cannot be written to BRep file...

messages appears on save.

As workaround, each time an affected file is re-loaded, make a trivial edit to each of the affected sketches.
Additional InformationThe symptoms were found using FreeCAD version 0.13 (stable), and re-produced using Version 0.14 Revision number 2370(Git)on two Windows XP machines. They did not appear using a modern laptop.

To reproduce, create a sketch containing a circle surrounded by a perimeter composed of a dozen arcs, and closed by a straight line. Pad the sketch and chamfer the resulting hole and perimeter. Create a second sketch with only a rectangle, and cut this out of the first. View the "report window", and save the model. If no error message occurs, save the model twice by pressing Ctrl+C twice in quick succession, or increase the model complexity by copying and pasting parts.

This may be related to ...

Since I am new to parametric modelling, I have been logging this and more tentative information on ...
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has duplicate 0002245 closedwmayer BRep File cannot be written 
related to 0001323 closed Imported .step parts disappear after save/reopen 



2014-03-11 01:55

administrator   ~0004414

I'll close this because it seems to me that no action is required. Please reopen if needed.


2014-03-11 08:40

administrator   ~0004420

I guess this should stay open. From time to time I got this error also on Windows but could never reproduce it reliably. I'll re-check it ones I encounter the problem...


2015-01-10 12:11

administrator   ~0005606

I haven't observed this issue for a couple of years any more.

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