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Summary0001240: Welding WB (which also includes Technical drawing symbols)
DescriptionThink of iron welding, hot glue, silicon sealer...

Because the welding material is an object of its own, and its volume is not insignificant.

Like "fillet" or "chamfer", but where two elements meet.

And by elements I mean, a point, a line, a surface.

We would select two of the above and we would apply "weld".

We would determine the thickness of the weld material,
and the allowed, maximum, possible gap between them.
Because these two elements might cross each other,
or there might be a little space between them (for example 1mm).

The weld would be applied on the "free" areas.

It must be graphically clear that this is a weld.

Useful for both the design and the construction of a project.
Additional InformationI 've made two pictures, showing how weld might look like.

And there is a third picture.
I can't imagine how Freecad would calculate the welding, for this case.
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2013-11-04 13:48


weld_001.jpg (Attachment missing)


2013-11-04 13:48


weld_002.jpg (Attachment missing)


2013-11-04 13:48


weld_003.jpg (Attachment missing)


2017-07-19 11:06

administrator   ~0009782

@yorik perhaps you still have these attachments somewhere (fingers crossed) ?


2017-07-19 11:16

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@nikospap perhaps you could find them? 0001240:0009782


2017-07-21 08:11

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re-uploading attachments
weld_001-2.jpg (24,285 bytes)   
weld_001-2.jpg (24,285 bytes)   
weld_002-2.jpg (27,269 bytes)   
weld_002-2.jpg (27,269 bytes)   
weld_003-2.jpg (25,644 bytes)   
weld_003-2.jpg (25,644 bytes)   


2017-07-21 08:42

reporter   ~0009790

After a long time, I found out that there are actually "weld symbols" used in drawings.

I attach a properties dialog from WeldCAD
(a program that is no longer supported, but still available in , according to ).
Just to get an idea.

Of course this is not the same as my initial request. I think that these symbols are "official" and more advanced, used in professional drawings. My suggestion seems to be more suitable for amateur users.
weld_004_weld_symbol.jpg (46,821 bytes)   
weld_004_weld_symbol.jpg (46,821 bytes)   


2017-07-21 09:25

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Appropriate forum threads:


2017-08-04 21:51

manager   ~0009873

Adding welding symbols to the TechDraw workbench (TechDraw will replace the Drawing workbench which is no longer developed) is a matter for a different but linked report. Linked because the weld symbols would need to extract data from the actual weld objects on the 3D model.


2017-08-05 13:08

administrator   ~0009877

Thanks @normandc for your comment. Do you mind opening and linking said report?


2018-03-03 18:15

administrator   ~0010995

Related: 'Simulated Weld' in the FC User Showcase subforum


2018-11-16 02:34

administrator   ~0012199

@wandererfan should I move this to Techdraw based on what NormandC wrote in 0001240:0009873 ? (and rename the issue?)


2018-11-16 14:45

manager   ~0012200

@Kunda1 symbols on drawings would be TD, but if the welds are to be modelled then that would not be TD.

Ultimate solution probably needs both, so I would leave things as they are.

caveat: IANAW (I Am Not a Welder)


2018-11-17 09:57

reporter   ~0012204

But if you had to choose between the two methods, you should choose the professional symbols. Simply because they must be more well though, and more thoroughly tested.


2019-03-29 01:35

administrator   ~0012975

@reox writes in

I had a quick look around, but it looks like they are not defined in unicode.
But someone created a glyph font:



2019-08-14 19:04

administrator   ~0013425

Welding Symbol Testing Help -


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016406

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5571.

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