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0001417FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:49
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Summary0001417: Half width tangential lines
DescriptionHi, I would like to see tangential lines width half the size of boarder lines and in a bleaker color. This makes it easier on the eyes and you can emediatly see if two surfaces are tangential or not - speeds up work.

Regards Pauvres_honteux
Additional InformationHad this in the "Open discussion" before but it was apparently the wrong place.
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2014-02-16 19:58

reporter   ~0004230

Sorry for not being clear enough. With tangential lines I mean the lines that are visible on a surface where, for example, a flat surface pass over to a curved surface like in a radius between two perpendicular surfaces. When one see that passage you would immediately get a visual confirmation on its state: sharp (boarder line width), tangential (half boarder line width), or curve smooth passage (no line at all).

The three different basic passages -

The black line equals C0 (not tangent and sharp), the "half width bleak colored" light grey line equals C1 (tangent), the gap will eventually be filled by a curvature correct surface and its boarders limit will no be visible, i.e. C2 -

Tangential lines with no difference to boarder lines -


2014-05-18 17:49

reporter   ~0004692

I find this explanation confusing. Does Rhino do tangency this way? Here is my interpretation of your request referring to each C elements from the first picture? It won't agree with the pictures. I have no idea what they are trying to explain.

C1-3 picture:
1. Circle should be black because it is *not* tangent.
2. Line or Curve should be faint because it *is* tangent


2014-05-19 20:50

reporter   ~0004701

Last edited: 2014-05-19 20:54

Hi guys, pictures were done in Catia. Don't ask me why I went over the top with all the tangent lines and tangent circle and what not. Maybe I had the first picture I made a link to in mind...
Anyway, you seem to understand what I originally proposed and that's what counts.
In V5 you can also turn off all internal tangent lines. While this makes any non tangent line really stand out it's hard to see how the surfaces really looks like.
To summarize it a bit I'd say an really easy option for switching between different viewing behaviour is high on my whish list.


2014-05-24 00:08

reporter   ~0004725

Solidworks supports this. See `solidworks_construction_tangent.png`.

Note: It can be difficult to tell that they are construction linetype sometimes because of aliasing. Line thickness does not appear to have changed.


2017-01-15 07:06

reporter   ~0007782

Hi, Kunda1 !
Sure, here it is:


2017-06-18 09:02

reporter   ~0009442

Shame on thy giving up...
Hopefully these pictures are clear enough?
To clarify this once and for all: this issue is about the line seen between two surfaces in contact with each other. In CATIA there's an exception: curvature transition between surfaces does not show any line, but it would be beneficial to have another line type for that.

@Kunda1, what do you think about cleaning up this thread and remove all misunderstood/irrelevant stuff? I think the links I originally posted can be removed as well.


2017-06-20 05:20


G0-2.png (16,157 bytes)   
G0-2.png (16,157 bytes)   


2017-06-20 05:23


G1-2.png (16,574 bytes)   
G1-2.png (16,574 bytes)   


2017-06-20 05:23


G2-2.png (16,725 bytes)   
G2-2.png (16,725 bytes)   


2017-06-20 05:33

reporter   ~0009466

@Kunda1 , could you please remove the pictures from post 009442, which includes the picture above it?

@kkremitzki , would it be possible to let us users remove/change/edit the pictures we've uploaded as well?


2017-06-20 05:50

administrator   ~0009467

@Pauvres_honteux actually I need to revert the change because it allows any 'reporter' user to edit others' issues. Standby


2017-06-20 06:04

administrator   ~0009468

@Pauvres_honteux @Kunda1 from it doesn't seem like there's any granularity to

Update an issue - The access levels that are allowed to update the header information of an issue.

and therefore no option for reporters to edit their own issue headers. I also don't see any option for deleting one's attachments


2017-06-22 02:10

administrator   ~0009486

@Pauvres_honteux tell me what to remove and I'll make it happen


2017-06-22 04:33

reporter   ~0009488

@Kunda1 , thank you for your kind offering, please see post 0009466.
And if you feel adventurous; all the other posts just adding to the confusion:


2017-06-22 10:57

administrator   ~0009490

@Pauvres_honteux Done! ;)


2020-10-22 11:26

reporter   ~0014924

My pictures seems to have vanished!?!?
Oooh well, I'll add a couple of new ones.

Picture 51.png shows the tangential lines in full width and black.
Picture 52.png shows the tangential lines in half width and grey.

And please do not delete my added files from now on.
51.png (108,734 bytes)   
51.png (108,734 bytes)   
52.png (142,803 bytes)   
52.png (142,803 bytes)   


2020-10-22 15:48

administrator   ~0014928

They weren't deleted purposely. It may have been a broken by an update or something. There are other tickets with missing attachments we all.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016418

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5583.

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