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0000019FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-12-17 03:18
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Summary0000019: Resource framework for FreeCAD
DescriptionOften in 3D modeling we use Objects and files from 3rd party resources.
This things are just used and rarely changed. like e.g. standard parts
(ISO), complete products from a catalog and so on.
We need in FreeCAD a framework to access/share/distribute such resources.
It shut be possible to locate such resources locally or in the web and
allow FreeCAD to find and access such resources referenced in a modeling

* can be used loacally or in the web
* unique id to find resources
* central repository to collect resources
* revision control
* accessibly through http: and https:

Design so far:
* use SVN to host resources for revision control and restricted access
* use webserver to host resources without revision control
* use a XML description file to specify a resource, this file holds:
- a UUID as global unique identifier
- a name and description of the resource
- a specifier it its a SVN or a PLAIN resource
- addition meta infromation
* use WGET or SVN to make the resources lokaly available
* deliver a set of Resource description files with the installer/packages
* Host on the FreeCAD website a repository of Resource description where
FreeCAD can search for unknown UUIDs

So far...

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2018-06-13 13:28

administrator   ~0011425

Unassigning Jriegel


2021-12-17 03:18

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It's not exactly what was envisioned here, but we do have the FreeCAD parts library now. It needs some work, but it may be worth closing this bug and re-opening more specific changes that need to be made to the parts library. This request doesn't really have any action items at this point.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016374

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5539.

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