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Summary0001935: Showing something more relevant than "unhandled unknown exception caught..."
DescriptionHi All,

I have got "Unhandled unknown exception caught in GUIApplication::notify." on OS console, which message is released in Gui/Application.cpp here:

However, if the compiler is set to C++11, it is possible to write something like

I have tried it myself but no luck, although I have -std=c++11 in g++ 4.7.2-5

Moreover, with a custom signal handler even backtrace would be possible with glibc:

I don't know the exact signal policy in FreeCAD. Simply registering a SIGSEGV handler (I know the unknown exception hides a segmentation violation) does not bring anything.

best regards: Bal√°zs
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2015-01-26 19:10

developer   ~0005739

Last edited: 2015-01-26 19:15

if the exception is not derived from std::exception (or another known type) we have no way to extract detailed information. (as we decided not require c++11 yet)

> I know the unknown exception hides a segmentation violation
Then you should file a bug for it as well


2015-01-26 19:35

developer   ~0005740

BTW: I think that /EHa is crap.


2015-01-26 20:44

reporter   ~0005741

When no C++11 is used yet, this is obsolete. The exception rises from my code under development, so no need for a bug report.


2017-02-05 18:02

administrator   ~0008219

The exception_ptr is useless here as there is no way to get more relevant information.

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