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0002061FreeCADBugpublic2017-03-17 22:13
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.15 
Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002061: Toolbar location settings are not saved or loaded correctly
DescriptionWhen customizing toolbars and closing and reopening Freecad, toolbars are first not visible, and after reloading the proper view, the toolbars reappear, but not in the previous locations.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create new toolbar
2. Edit and rearrange toolbar buttons
3. Move toolbar to a custom location
4. Exit and start Freecad again
5. Observe that toolbars are "lost"
Additional InformationYoutube video showing the issue: (starts from 13:37, after the toolbars have been modified.)

I have reproduced it in Linux version 0.15 and the video also shows 0.15 on Windows.
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has duplicate 0002247 closedian.rees PartDesign Toolbar positions are not kept across application reinstantiation 



2015-04-18 17:00

administrator   ~0006043

Toolbar positions are saved for a certain workbench only. You might need to change the default start workbench in the preferences to the workbench where you added the custom toolbars...


2015-04-18 17:45

developer   ~0006044

Yes, only in workbench that is set as default under Start up (FreeCAD preferences) the toolbars will persist its position after restart of FreeCAD. This is known limitation and not necessary a bug somebody will fix soon. At least that is how i understand it from past explanations.

There is one "trick" you can use. Create custom toolbars and use the same name for toolbars in different workbenches. All toolbars in different workbenches with the same name as the name of the toolbar in Start up workbench will have the same position. For example all toolbars named left_edge will persist on left edge if the toolbar named left_edge in Start up workbench will be positioned on the left edge.


2017-01-23 21:43

administrator   ~0007930

Is 0002247 a dupe ?


2017-01-23 22:03

administrator   ~0007933

As per @triplus in
When i finish the work on NavigationIndicator i will evaluate if PersistentToolbars module should be upstreamed. If that will happen this issue should be resolved.


2017-02-04 08:52

reporter   ~0008207

Last edited: 2017-02-04 10:02

Kunda1, you asked me on 0002247 to retest on FreeCAD 0.16 and to post the info about my FreeCAD copy, I will answer here because the other bug is closed.

Retest on FreeCAD 0.16. To test it, I opened the Part Design from the default startup page and just played around with the toolbar. After a minute, I closed FreeCAD and reopened. In the newly opened instance, I picked Part Design again and the toolbar was as I had customized it, which is good! However, I changed it a bit more, repeated, and then the changes were not saved. Perhaps I should ask, what is the trigger for FreeCAD to save a toolbar modification? The modification itself doesn't seem to be triggering this.

Now, on to my FreeCAD copy data:

OS: Linux
Word size of OS: 64-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.16.Unknown
Build type: Release
Python version: 2.7.13
Qt version: 4.8.7
Coin version: 3.1.3
OCC version: 6.9.1


2017-02-04 10:07

administrator   ~0008208

@severoraz See 0002061:0007933
triplus is referring to a macro called PerisitentToolbars:
It can be installed via
but I'm not sure it fully works yet.


2017-03-17 22:05

developer   ~0008643

This issue report can now be closed as it was fixed.


2017-03-17 22:11

administrator   ~0008644

Attached commit FreeCAD master 9c821564 to this ticket.
Btw, @triplus at your convenience please read this way tickets can be linked and closed remotely via keywords in


2017-03-17 22:13

administrator   ~0008645

Attached commit FreeCAD master 9c821564 to this ticket.
Btw, @triplus at your convenience please read this way tickets can be linked and closed remotely via keywords in the git commit message.

PS I couldn't attribute this ticket to triplus. I guess he's doesn't have developer privs on MantisBT yet.

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