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Summary0002091: 3D printer simulator - a new nodekit?
DescriptionI tried understanding how the robots example works, but as a newbie the number of external references is daunting.

I want to create a 3D printer model in freecad that shows a delta printer, although any other printer would help, but I'm using delta printer terms below.

Its shows its print volume - the area it can 3D print in, in a different color.
There are a couple of sliders to change:
Delta arm length: affects print volume width+height
Linear actuator length: affects print height, required linear bearings diameter
Base radius: affects print area
Delta arm distance: affects actuactor dimensions (the actuator is connected by 3 arm-pairs) which affects the print volume width

It looks like the 6-axis robot model was developed outside of freecad, but it would be great if such models could be developed, edited and shared through freecad!
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2015-05-07 11:12

reporter   ~0006124

Something like
but with a translucent print volume with some sliders.


2017-10-23 18:35

administrator   ~0010344

Interesting developments in the Path WB:


2017-12-19 13:36

manager   ~0010620


This is not sketcher related.

Do we need a robot WB project?


2017-12-19 14:39

administrator   ~0010621

CC @yorik


2018-01-05 19:34

administrator   ~0010710

Okay I added a Robot subproject.


2022-03-03 13:55

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This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5628.

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