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0002190DraftFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:45
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Summary0002190: Use relative coordinates for changing dimension text position.
DescriptionWhen user tries to change dimension text position global coordinates are used instead of relative coordinates.

1.) Use relative coordinates by default.
2.) Use global coordinates but therefore default values for X,Y,Z text position property should not be set at 0 but at global coordinate values.

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2015-09-10 19:39

administrator   ~0006393

relative coordinates don't exist anymore once the object has been created.


2015-09-19 21:02

developer   ~0006437

If Text Position X Y Z property is set to 0 dimension text will always be centered and slightly above dimension line. Regardless of the changes made to X Y Z Dimline Property.

Therefore if user changes for example Text Position Y property from 0 to 0,5 i am guessing the user expects the result where dimension text is moved by 0,5 in Y direction from that original position (centered and slightly above dimension line). Instead dimension text is moved away from dimension line to global 0,5 in Y direction.


2015-09-20 16:38

administrator   ~0006442

Hmm I don't like that, because if the dimension changes, the text position will change too, which is not what I want.


2015-09-20 21:37

developer   ~0006443

That already happen if X Y Z property is set to 0. Dimension text is tied to dimension and should move with it and therefore respect relative changes in X Y Z direction set by the user.

Positioning the dimension text individually in the global coordinate system makes less sense compared to positioning the dimension text relative to the dimension itself. I am not against having an option for both as probably there could be use case for everything. As for positioning text in global coordinate system Draft Text tool makes more sense.


2015-09-22 16:14

developer   ~0006444

Alternative solution could be to have "auto" and "manual" mode.

-Default mode would be "auto" and it would do the same as current 0,0,0 setting.
-If changed to "manual" mode global coordinates could be set (as now) with one difference and that is X,Y,Z value would be pre-filled with current dimension text global coordinates.


2017-07-02 14:51

reporter   ~0009649

There need to be "relative" positioning too, to move the text around the "auto" (centre of the line) position, for example to the other side of the line. When changes are small, chances are that such "relatively" positioned text is still in acceptable position. Those chances are smaller when position is global.


2020-06-14 20:28

developer   ~0014544

@yorik, are you still of the same idea about relative coordinates of the text position vector?


2020-06-15 08:14

administrator   ~0014549

No not really... indeed it would make sense.


2020-06-15 11:13

developer   ~0014552

I can have a look at it, it doesn't seem something complicated to address... Do you think we should provide some kind of backward compatibility or just change it?


2020-06-16 10:42

administrator   ~0014559

Maybe we can change the property name? So there is a clear "before" and "after"... But also I don't think this feature is used much, so it might be overkill and we could just do it and see (and maybe provide a method that users can do manually to fix things)


2020-06-16 12:59

administrator   ~0014564

Looking at
That property could even become a full placement.


2020-10-23 02:53

administrator   ~0014941

@carlopav any progress on this ?


2020-10-23 11:53

developer   ~0014942

@Kunda1 , sorry not much time to dedicate to Freecad at the moment, i'll be back soon I hope. :)


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016466

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5631.

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