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0002369FreeCADGeneralpublic2017-07-12 11:37
Reporterplaes Assigned Tovejmarie  
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Product Version0.15 
Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002369: STEP import is not grouping parts
Description.step file imports all the internal parts (not sure what's the proper term for these) into single flat list and doesn't perform any grouping.
Steps To Reproduce1. Import step file
2. Observe the list of elements in "Labels & Attributes" section:

Under "Application -> Unnamed" there's a flat list of all the lowest-level objects defined in the file.

* Board
* Extruded
* Extruded001
* Extruded002
* Extruded260
* Cylinder
* Extruded261
* Sphere
* Sphere001
And so on..

When importing the same file in Solidworks, the object list contains a tree of properly grouped and named elements (Board, C57, C56, C55, LC1, C54, and so on).
Additional InformationSeems like the STEP import is built on top of but it's now outdated.

Per the forum thread:
"Freecad does not use stepcode but the occ step importer. And it does not group the imports because there is no functionality for that available in Freecad, hence groups are ignored."
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related to 0001738 closedvejmarie File formats IDF Import failure if STP file consists of multiple Objects 



2015-12-13 15:13


arietta.step.gz (Attachment missing)


2015-12-16 18:37

administrator   ~0006614

Forum link:


2015-12-16 19:22


solidworks-step-import.png (Attachment missing)


2017-03-27 12:53

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Linked to 0001738


2017-07-11 11:02

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@plaes do you mind re-uploading step file and screenshots ? (I know it was a long while ago but since then we had a backup failure for the tracker and lost attachments). Thanks!


2017-07-11 11:06

administrator   ~0009710

@wmayer wrote:

In FreeCAD there is a hidden function to get the structure of a STEP or IGES file (or better the structure of the ocaf document). You can load it with:

import ImportGui

which shows a tree with all the content. Does anybody know how to get the grouping information out of this?
@plaes in the bug report you said that SW shows the grouping properly. How many groups are there and how many levels? Maybe an image would help.

I tried the file with CADExchanger which shows also some group structure but they are labeled "=> [0:1:1:2]" and so on but not "Board", "C57", ...



2017-07-11 11:28

administrator   ~0009714

Per @plaes
"The URL of the step file is at


2017-07-12 11:37

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Thanks to vejmarie's FreeCAD Pull Request 871 FC now groups parts. Thanks!
Closing ticket.

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