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0002397FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-12-04 23:20
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Target Version0.20Fixed in Version0.20 
Summary0002397: Select All Children of Object in Tree View of Combo View
DescriptionFeature request to add an option to the contextual menu (right-click) to select all the children of the selected object. The option already exists within the Architecture workbench - although in the Architecture workbench the option only selects the children of the next level lower.

This would be a time saver in multiple areas, including:
- selecting all objects to Copy
- selecting all objects to Delete
- selecting all objects to make Visible/Invisible
- selecting all objects for multi-input operations such as Fuse Objects

I find with deeply nested trees of objects it is tedious and time consuming, not to mention error prone, to expand all the nested sub-layers and select all the objects at each level. Sometimes the list expands so far to the right that I must expand the Combo View rightwords far into the main window pane - this is a bother to say the least. There is a warning message "This object is referenced by other objects and thus these objects might get broken. Are you sure to continue?" that queries omissions of sub-objects. But this message is actually just a warning that you have probably made an incorrect selection. It does nothing to remedy the existing selection, you must then return and continue weeding through the objects to complete the task. This is both tedious and unnecessary in the case of selecting a complete tree.

Given that the option already exists in the Architecture workbench to select the next lower level of the tree, it is probably best that both a) select complete tree and b) select next level of tree, be available off the Utility sub-menu. That way the user can extend his selection "down the tree" as needed or select the complete tree in one click.
Additional InformationThere is a forum thread related to this: named "Potential Function Request - Select All Children of Object in Tree View"

This feature request is also related to another feature request:

0002396: Make Utility sub-menu available in all workbenches
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2020-12-13 00:55

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Will be fixed if this PR goes in:


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The PR has been merged:

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