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Summary0002437: Trackpad navigation on mac does not use full capabilities of the trackpad
DescriptionOSX conventions are:

* Pinch to zoom in/out (currently this is done via scroll gesture)
* 2-finger scroll gesture to pan (currently done via shift-move)
* Recognise sideways scrolling (ie 2d, not 1d as with mouse wheel)

These changes would make better use of the extended touch capabilities on mac laptops and the Apple magic touchpad.

TagsBountysource Potential, gesture, macOS, Qt5, trackpad
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parent of 0003995 new Trackpad on Macbook unusable in any mouse model so far 
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2017-02-03 00:18

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Event Type: Qt::ZoomNativeGesture
Description: Magnification delta in percent.
Touch-equence: macOS: Two-finger pinch.

Event Type: Qt::SmartZoomNativeGesture
Description: Boolean magnification state.
Touch-equence: macOS: Two-finger douple tap (trackpad) / One-finger douple tap (magic mouse).

Event Type: Qt::RotateNativeGesture
Description: Rotation delta in degrees.
Touch-equence: macOS: Two-finger rotate.


2017-05-31 05:06

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Trackpad navigation on Linux:


2019-06-17 06:27

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Relevant 0003995 and


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