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Summary0003039: Importer for Autodesk Inventor files

by jmplonka ยป Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:26 pm
I'm currently working on an importer for Autodesk (R) Inventor (R) files. Simply because my son has a license from school and it will end in 2 years ;)
Current status:
* Inventor files are OLE2 files
* iProperties can be imported and some of them can be attached to the FreeCAD files.
* embeded Excel workbooks are added to FreeCAD document.
Next Steps:
* display sketches with lines, etc.
* The AddOn requres therefore the python packages for xlrd, xlutils and xlwt
The project is currently located on
Any help (eg. retrieving the coordinates or the names of objects) is highly welcome.

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