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0003067PartDesignFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:43
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Summary0003067: Add Mirror body tool to PartDesign
DescriptionCreate a new separate body that is symmetric to the original body and depending on it, so that the second can have some extra features but still change with the original one. In this case an automatic fuse is not desired, as they are intended as separate parts of an assembly.

Additional InformationNot to be confused with ticket 2863 which requests mirroring a body but to fuse the result inside the existing Body container.
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related to 0002863 assignedickby Add Mirror body feature to PartDesign 



2017-06-17 23:31

manager   ~0009429

Why did you keep the same title as the 2863 ticket? It is not a feature anymore, it's a separate body.

And would such a tool be really needed? This is exactly what the current Part Mirror tool does.


2017-06-18 19:39

administrator   ~0009453

@abdullah asked me to clone this ticket and it's on his agenda to rename it


2017-06-19 13:44

manager   ~0009455

Last edited: 2017-06-19 13:46


Creating this ticket is my fault.

I can tell you why I thought I needed it. I was doing an enclosure consisting of two parts (first result-part and second result-part) almost symmetric about a plane, attaching with bolts/nuts.

I was solving this by creating a body with the common symmetry, then I would part refine that common part and I would start a second part on that part feature to add the differences of the first result-part and I would part-mirror the refined common part and do a third part to add the differences of the second result-part.

By doing a refine I was losing any connection between the common part body and the two results, so that I could not modify them afterwards. So I felt the need of it.

Now I realise that if I use autorefine, I can just start a first body with the common part. At a given feature, I can part-mirror that feature and start a second body from that result (without refining). I can then continue the first body with the non-common parts of the first half. Now if I modify anything before that feature where the common part stops, everything gets updated just fine.

Maybe the end result tree is not the cleanest, however the functionality is there. I just wanted the functionality.

Now, if after reading this you have any input for me, then we may see if we need a new feature or not. If we do not need it, we may well close this ticket.


2017-06-28 05:11

manager   ~0009569

I just realized that I asked for a similar thing on the forum.


2017-07-01 05:59

manager   ~0009628

Changed summary to replace "feature" with "tool" and better differentiate this ticket from 0002863. This one would not create a feature under an existing Body, but create a new mirrored Body linked to the original.


2017-07-01 06:04

manager   ~0009629

An alternative to creating a new tool was discussed with @ickby in the topic linked in comment c9569: expand the existing ShapeBinder command to create a solid when the original selection is a solid, and to have the option to mirror the ShapeBinder copy along a standard datum plane.


2019-02-24 16:17

manager   ~0012748

I've had a recent thought about this. It is currently possible to use a Body as Base Feature of another Body. This cannot be done directly, but through the Body's Base Feature property. This is a useful method to build variations of parts, see

What if the Base Feature was expanded to have a mirror option? I'm not sure how that would work out. Maybe create a new menu entry for creating a base feature based on another Body, and open a dialog in the Tasks tab that allows different options: mirrored from a plane inside the new Body, or even scaled? I know that scaling is already possible through a Draft Clone, but this is clunky and messes the tree, as you need to create a new Body with the clone as base feature.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016540

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5705.

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