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0003094DraftBugpublic2017-07-04 00:42
Reporterchrisb Assigned Towandererfan  
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Product Version0.16 
Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0003094: ShapeString: Tracking is not a distance but a factor
DescriptionThe Tracking of a ShapeString should be the distance between characters. In the attached example a tracking value of 1000mm leads in fact to a tracking of 8.3 mm. It is dependent on the font and it's size.
In the discussion thread wandererfan has already pointed out how the tracking is calculated.
Steps To Reproduce
  • Create in Draft WB a ShapeString with a size of 10, preferably with easy distinguishable vertical lines, e.g. several letters 'I' in a sans serif font
  • set tracking to 1000mm
  • The additional distance between the characters is far less, usually 5-20mm

Additional InformationThe attached file has two ShapeStrings one with and one without tracking. Additionally there is a sketch showing the distance.
To check what happens with different tracking values open the sketch, change to the data tab of the tree and change the parameters tracking and size. The Sketch updates the tracking distance.
The ShapeStrings use the fontfiles from a ubuntu system, other fonts may break the sketch and you may have to reattach it and recreate the external geometry.
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2017-06-24 14:52

manager   ~0009520

ADMIN: This bug is in Draft, not PartDesign.


2017-06-24 16:11

administrator   ~0009521

Thanks wf ATM some technical difficulty is hindering me from doing that. Once that gets solved I'll move the ticket. Thanks!


2017-06-26 15:30

administrator   ~0009545

@wandererfan fix committed in FreeCAD master 674aabe8

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FreeCAD: master 674aabe8

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fix 0003094 ShapeString tracking Affected Issues
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Yorik van Havre

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Merge pull request 0000836 from WandererFan/SSTrack

fix 0003094 ShapeString tracking
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mod - src/Mod/Part/App/FT2FC.cpp Diff File

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