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0003153FreeCADFeaturepublic2018-08-26 18:38
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Product Version0.17 
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Summary0003153: Preselect: Show object label in status bar.
DescriptionIt would be courteous for FreeCAD to show the object label of things that get pointed to, as well as their internal name, in the status bar:

Preselected: (Label) - pDocName.pObjectName.pSubName (x,y,z)

I am in the habit of naming (labelling?) my objects; It makes it easier for me to find my way around in my drawings. But occasionally FreeCAD declines to refer to my objects by my name.
I brought this up on the forum the other day over here. I was ignorant at first, but after a couple of posts my issue was largely resolved. This request is just a bit of icing on the cake as it were.

The code you're looking for is in SelectionSingleton::setPreselectCoord, which you can find over here on Github

I didn't specifically check if the label is part of CurrentPreselection, but surely it would be.
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