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0003393FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:49
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Summary0003393: Configuration wizard when launching FreeCAD for the first time
DescriptionInspired by this thread:
Discussion thread:

But wouldn't the best be to open a configuration wizard when launching FreeCAD for the first time? Something like what LibreCAD has, but extended. It could give you the possibility to set your units, define your mouse model (explanation window required, similar to Navigation Indicator), even TechDraw template size.

Going further, we could introduce "custom profiles" in the wizard that would automatically filter the workbench list to different selections.

    * Architecture profile would filter the wb selector to only display Arch, Draft, Sketcher, Spreadsheet, TechDraw and possibly a few others (Mesh Design? Part? Raytracing?)
    * Mechanical Design profile would filter the wb selector to only display Sketcher, PartDesign, Spreadsheet, TechDraw, Mesh Design, FEM and possibly Raytracing and Draft
    * General modeling profile would display Draft, Sketcher, Part...
    * Complete profile would display all installed workbenches.

Additional InformationHere is the librecad code:
FreeCAD Information



2018-03-27 00:47

manager   ~0011064

fix typo


2018-07-29 11:54

administrator   ~0011560

Wikilab team has started to tackle this issue in:


2019-01-21 18:21

reporter   ~0012478

Hi. Just communicating we Wikilab ( are still working on that. We couldn't finish it before 0.18 and we are in school holiday period, we are in very slow pace, but but we are still on this issue.

If want to see [slow] progress, check the branch:


2020-10-14 20:41

administrator   ~0014854

@silas looks like development stalled. What is the status of the wizard ?


2020-12-12 19:37

reporter   ~0015130

Hi! Sorry for taking so long to send a reply. It happened that the group had vanished, so we halted the development. Consider it will not be done by our group in the short term. Sorry for that and thank you for the opportunity.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016607

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5772.

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