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0003417FreeCADBugpublic2018-09-25 13:30
Reporterpager48 Assigned Towmayer  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.18 
Fixed in Version0.18 
Summary0003417: Zooming out causes part to orbit when rotating
DescriptionZooming is a common operation thus part rotation is commonly buggy.
Steps To Reproduce-Open attached part
-Open part work bench
-Select "Fits the whole contents on the screen" or press F
-Rotate and notice ideal rotation
-Zoom out
-Rotate and notice buggy rotating (part orbits)

Results: Part rotates
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2018-04-01 02:26


part.FCStd (505,857 bytes)


2018-04-01 12:42

administrator   ~0011094

No version info was posted. No forum thread was opened pre-ticket.


2018-04-01 17:48

reporter   ~0011098

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it is a PEBCAK IMO
here the forum thread
The user doesn't use the Zoom-out Zoom-in correctly, then the central pivot will change.
Here my reply with a screen-cast to achieve the desired result


2018-04-25 13:02

administrator   ~0011196

Do we have consensus to close this ticket ?
@NormandC ?


2018-04-26 01:55

manager   ~0011199

In fact this bug report is so poorly worded that this might not be about zooming, but the fact that sometimes, a section of the model disappears when rotating the view. But who knows.

@pager48 there's a really big and I mean BIG yellow banner at the top that says you should open a forum topic FIRST before creating a report. This is not your first bug report, you have 14 others and in none of them did you create a forum topic first. DO NOT OPEN FURTHER BUG REPORTS WITHOUT FIRST OPENING A FORUM TOPIC.

And yes, I'm shouting!!!


2018-09-25 13:30

administrator   ~0011837

The standard behaviour of Coin3d (OpenInventor) is that the pivot is always the center of the 3d view because this is where an SoCamera node is pointing to.
And this of course means that when zooming out and moving the model far outside the center then it makes big jumps when rotating it.

So far this is absolutely correct behaviour but indeed might be inconvenient in some scenarios. To make sure you rotate around a point of the model you have to do a simple click with the mouse wheel somewhere on the model. The object then moves to the center of the 3d view (or more precisely: the camera moves its position so that it looks at the model).

With commit a new option "drag at cursor" has been implemented where you now can directly rotate around any point on a model in the 3d view.

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