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0003467ExpressionsBugpublic2018-11-14 12:26
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PlatformFreeCAD: 64-bit 0.17.13519 (Git)OS Windows 10 64-bitOS Version1803
Product Version0.17 
Fixed in Version0.18 
Summary0003467: Merge Project command and rename of expressions referring to cells of Spreadsheets
The “Merge project…” command renames the Spreadsheet Label of the Merged project (Spreasdsheet001, 002, ... ) in accordance with the active Project in which the Merged project is going to be included but forget to rename the correspondent Data properties expressions of Solid/Sketch which refer to the Spreadsheet of the merged project (stay Spreadsheet without any suffix in expressions), the Label of which has been changed.

Other explanation is made in Topic Merge Project command and Spreadsheets


Steps To ReproducePlease find details, example and files attached in Topic Merge Project command and Spreadsheets

Additional InformationDon't hesitate to joined me (JCR84J) in PM if the here above explanation is not sufficient.
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related to 0003462 closedwmayer Rename command - Rename of Spreadsheet in Document structure 



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2018-05-09 06:32

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I attached the picture "Data Properties expressions which refer to cells of Spreadsheet" which illustrates the bug.


2018-05-29 19:41

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@eivindkvedalen please weigh in at your convenience, thanks!


2018-11-14 12:26

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