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0003881DraftBugpublic2019-03-23 12:30
Reportergarya Assigned Totriplus  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSFreeBSDOS Version11.2-RELEASE-p4
Product Version0.18 
Target Version0.18Fixed in Version0.18 
Summary0003881: Draft preference Interface Mode / Toolbar forces minimum main FC app window size
DescriptionIf the Draft WB preference "Interface Mode" is set to "Toolbar" instead of "TaskView", the added toolbar can have a length larger than the display size (in my case, 1280 px wide). This forces the FC app to a size that won't fit on the display.

One remedy would be for the toolbar to wrap
Another would be for it to be arranged differently, as in two rows (I don't know how easy this is to do)

Forum discussion:

Word size of OS: 64-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.18.dace2f39cf
Build type: Release
Python version: 2.7.15
Qt version: 4.8.7
Coin version: 3.1.3
OCC version: 7.3.0
Locale: C/Default (C)
Steps To ReproduceMake sure display is set to small resolution, 1280 (or less) x something
Draft WB
Set Draft WB Preference "Draft Interface Mode" to "Toolbar"
Exit FC
Draft WB
New Document
Click on Plane selection button
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2019-03-08 17:44

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2019-03-23 12:30

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@triplus feel free to close ticket instead of resolving it.

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