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0004009PathBugpublic2022-01-26 15:38
Reporterfreman Assigned Tomlampert  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Target Version0.20 
Summary0004009: Dogbone locks up on path with two surface elements
DescriptionAs discussed here, if two sufraces are selected to for a milling path and dog-bone is applied it locks up totally. This does not seem to happen with a single geometry.

Freecad file demonstating problem.
Steps To Reproduceselect two surfaces
add face mill path
add dog bone dress-up
kill FreeCAD process
rince and repeat. ;)
Additional InformationOS: Linux (LXDE/LXDE)
Word size of OS: 64-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.19.16854 (Git)
Build type: Release
Branch: master
Hash: fe0fd5512ba9a8a9c729cdc47af35bbe965050ac
Python version: 2.7.15
Qt version: 4.8.7
Coin version: 4.0.0a
OCC version: 7.3.0
Locale: English/UnitedKingdom (en_GB)
Tags#tobeclosed, dogbone
FreeCAD Information



2019-06-11 01:51


negtest3.FCStd (38,370 bytes)


2019-06-11 01:51

manager   ~0013176

Last edited: 2019-06-11 01:54

The description is not quite accurate. A dogbone dressup works fine with two separate faces. The problem is unique to this shape.

Increasing the radius of the circular middle tier so that it overlaps the lower square resolves the error. (see attached negtest3 file)


2020-01-08 18:24

administrator   ~0014022

Any conclusions on this ticket?


2022-01-22 22:09

administrator   ~0016246

@sliptonic I've tagged this #tobeclosed
Can you let me know if anything needs to happen before closing this ticket?


2022-01-25 15:00

manager   ~0016291

Good to close.


2022-01-26 07:09

reporter   ~0016316

What is the motivation to close this before the bug is fixed ?
Of course there a specific set of conditions which triggers the bug.That is the case with most bugs which don't get caught in initial testing.
Dogbone is fine mostly.

I cannot re-examine the FCStd file attached because the link no longer works but from the description it a work around. It is not showing that the original geometry was invalid in some way or that it will not be reproduced in the future.

The whole point of this test piece ( based on on ISO standard for testing CNC machine accuracy ) is that the circle diameter is identical to the side of the square. So the proposed "solution" negates the point of the part. Maybe the ISO standards should be changed so we don't need to fix FreeCAD ?


2022-01-26 15:27

manager   ~0016317

Lots of reasons to close an issue. Lack of interest is one. If the issue isn't getting attention, even by the original poster, then it's not likely to be taken seriously by a developer.

If this is still an issue for you, we can leave it open


2022-01-26 15:38

reporter   ~0016318

The bug seems legitimate and not disputed. It should stay open until it gets fixed, o/w not much point in having a bug tracker and taking the trouble to report defects.

It's unfortunate that the internal changes in FC mean the original file no longer works. But the cause seems clearly identified.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016778

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5944.

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