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Summary0004156: [Spreadsheet] Necessarily use of leading '=' to enter an expression
DescriptionAs is, a spreadsheet cell value tends to be automatically converted to an expression.
Also it creates inconsistent behavior depending on the spreadsheet state
Example reproducing process :
  1. In cell A3, enter text 'A1'
  2. In cell A1, enter value '1000'
  3. In cell A3, delete value then enter again 'A1' => This time it is considered an expression and '1000' value appears
To get a simple consistent behavior, proposed solution is that an expression necessarily shall start with a leading '=' sign.
All other inputs are just considered as user direct entries and displayed as such.

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2020-12-30 17:09

developer   ~0015181

Just for the record, I've created a pull request ( ) with a possible solution.

The PR includes a test case for this issue but since numbers are expressions too, requiring '=' for them too didn't feely feel like a good option. Instead I took some creative freedom and allowed simple number inputs such as "1", "1 mm", "1/4", "1m/2m", etc. to be parsed without '='.
More about this can be read in the pull request.

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Merge pull request 0004215 from hyarion/feature-spreadsheet-equal-prefix-for-expressions

[Spreadsheet] Only evaluate cell values when prefixed with '='
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