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0000494FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:50
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Summary0000494: Objects names in Label & Attributes Tree View should be translatable
DescriptionCurrently, all the GUI tools can be localized in other languages than English, either in menus or the toolbars. But the names of the objects created with these tools, in the Tree view under Labels & Attributes remain in English.

It would avoid confusion to users and enhance the user experience if those objects' names could be translated as well.

EDIT: So, to be clear, this ticket is about translating default names for items to the local language on object creation. ( 0000494:0006953 )
This ticket is not about being able to translate said items post object creation.
Additional InformationEDIT: Also, at this time, only Part Primitive labels are translatable. All other FreeCAD objects are missing:
PartDesign, and so on.
Tags#lowhangingfruit, translation
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2011-11-27 17:56

administrator   ~0001356

Its perfectly possible to set the Label property with a translated
text in the command which create the object.
But we have to take into account that then its hard to exchange
document with other people... They will see names which means nothing to them...

I would not do it for the 0.12!


2011-11-27 18:09

manager   ~0001359

Last edited: 2011-11-27 18:12

I hadn't thought of that.

I wonder if those object text strings could be translated on the fly like the rest of the GUI? That they would appear in the language set in FreeCAD?

If I recall, that's how Solid Edge works, but I haven't used a French version of the software for a couple of years. I believe that the features names would be translated in the software locale, but I can't be sure.

Still, as it is, the users create features of which names mean nothing to them if they don't have a working knowledge of English.


2016-04-06 07:01

developer   ~0006948

Just trying to think through how this might work:

1) French user creates Cylindre and Cylindre001 in a new file, saves it and sends to English user
2) English user opens file and sees Cylinder and Cylinder001
3) English user fuses Cylinder and Cylinder001 together, to create Fusion. Re-saves file and sends back to French user.

What does the French user see when they open the document and expand the object in it?

If the French user opens the file from the English user and saves it again without explicitly modifying anything, do we want the file to change?

Another user makes a drawing of an engine, and calls an object in it "Cylinder". Does that object's name get translated when the file is shared in other languages?

One corner case: If I'm using English FreeCAD and make a document with an object named "Cylindre" and another named "Cylinder" and send it to a French user, I think we need to make sure that Cylinder gets translated to Cylindre001. AFAIK object names need to be unique.


2016-04-06 12:50

administrator   ~0006950

IMO, it's sufficient to translate the text on object creation and leave it afterwards as is. This means if an English user gets the project of a French user he will get the French text.

Also advanced users usually change the default label to something more meaningful and such text cannot be translated into another language anyway.


2016-04-06 21:29

developer   ~0006951

OK, so should we close this ticket then? From what I understand, the primitives are now translated on creation, though haven't confirmed myself.


2016-04-06 22:09

manager   ~0006952

I agree with wmayer. I will add that even if you were to open a FreeCAD file made by somebody else with labels in a language you don't understand, you always have the icons to tell you the type of object. Back when I wrote this report, it was not the case.

But why close the ticket? At this time, only Part Primitive labels are translatable. All other FreeCAD objects are missing: Arch, Draft, PartDesign, and so on. Therefore most of the job is not even done yet.


2016-04-06 22:19

developer   ~0006953

Ahh, I got a bit confused by the example in the forum where everything is translated. So, I thought the bug was about translating names after they're created, not about creating things with localised names.

So, to be clear, this ticket is about translating default names for items to the local language.


2016-04-06 22:22

manager   ~0006954

Yes, that's it.


2017-01-17 11:55

administrator   ~0007837

I updated the 'Description' and 'Additional Information' of this ticket for more clarity.
What Workbenches are left to be translated? We can keep track of them in the 'Additional Information' field


2018-02-13 02:59

manager   ~0010957

As per my 2016-04-06 comment: all of them apart from Part primitives.


2018-10-13 20:36

manager   ~0012021

Removed "I don't know if this would be possible for 0.12 release..." from description as this obviously didn't make it. And 7 years later with a boatload of new commands added since 2011, this will be a MUCH BIGGER job.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016382

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5547.

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