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0000597FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-12-17 03:26
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Summary0000597: New feature naming convention
DescriptionI suggest a new more informative naming convention for new generated features (such as fillets, cuts, fusions etc). Right now the newly generated feature is only given the feature name and a number (if it's not the first).

You can see the history, of what it is based on in the project tree by expanding the item, but not in the name alone. So you usually end up with a lot of "Fillet012" and "Chamfer003" in the list.

My suggestion is to introduce a new first part in the naming convention, the name of the base object. Giving the standard format ObjectName_FeatureName_Number
This is to make it easier to keep track of your parts and which on is which without manually renaming them.

An example:
1. You create a box, and it is named "Box1".

2. You create a fillet on one of the edges of this box, it will be named "Box1_Fillet1". Using the name of the base object.

3. You create another fillet on this "Box1_Fillet1", this time, to make sure the names don't grow too much, the entire name isn't used for the base object name, only the ObjectName part. So the new fillet will be named "Box1_Fillet2".

4. This "Box1_Fillet2" is then cut using a boolean operation, and given the name "Box1_Cut1".

etc etc.

The same can then be used for all types of features, with new features being given names containing the based object name with the addition of a feature name.
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has duplicate 0002191 closedkkremitzki PartDesign Let features inherit the names of the sketches they are generated from 
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2014-01-02 14:30

administrator   ~0004003

It's best to have an option in the preferences to add the base name or not.


2021-12-17 03:26

administrator   ~0016107

Maybe this could be implemented in a similar manner to our generation of default export filenames, via a format string set in the preferences.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016387

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5552.

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