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0000873FreeCADBugpublic2013-12-23 17:41
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Target Version0.14Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0000873: RefineModel() does not mark edges/faces as modified
DescriptionSee the attached picture. I tried to label four entities (from left to right):

After the ModelRefine() run, the three edges are joined into a single edge. But only Edge7 is marked as modified, Edge8 and 9 are marked neither as modified nor deleted (IMO they should be marked as modified so that later methods can deduce that these three edges were joined into one new edge).

Also, Face2 should also be marked as modified because its limiting wire has changed. For example, IsSame() will not recognize old and new Face2 as equal.
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related to 0000860 closedjrheinlaender PartDesign/modelrefine.cpp in FaceUniter::process() : United faces should all be marked as modified 
child of 0000922 assignedrealthunder Topological Naming 


2012-11-07 15:08


Unrefined.jpg (Attachment missing)


2013-11-04 18:37

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2013-12-23 17:41

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