Released 2009-09-28
Targeted mainly towards the Debian integration
0000043: [Bug] Crash with VC9 builds (Jriegel)
0000032: [Bug] Draft tools don't work anymore (yorik)
0000035: [Feature] Change placement behavior (wmayer)
0000036: [Bug] Chnge angle parameters in Part to degree (Jriegel)
0000006: [Feature] Part interface cleanup (Jriegel)
       0000004: [Feature] Subelement link property (Jriegel)
0000033: [Feature] Better rotation operations on Placement (wmayer)
0000002: [Bug] Error in Start_Page.html (Jriegel)
0000010: [Bug] pivy does not work and leads to runtime failures (wmayer)
0000030: [Feature] Clean up Raytracing (Jriegel)
0000022: [Feature] Robot simulation Workbench (Jriegel)
       0000023: [Feature] Robot object & Grafik representation (Jriegel)
       0000024: [Feature] Robot inverse kinematic for a Kuka IR500 (Jriegel)
0000007: [Bug] Help file cannot be opened (wmayer)
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