Released 2009-09-28
0000103: [Feature] Separate creation of Inventor nodes from view provider (wmayer)
0000102: [Bug] Relayout placement dialog (wmayer)
0000104: [Bug] Boolean operation only with solids (wmayer)
0000106: [Bug] Overflow in methods to create unique object names (wmayer)
0000108: [Bug] CAD mouse model error if fast dragging (wmayer)
0000046: [Feature] Changing viewer methods for animation (wmayer)
0000074: [Bug] Offset doesn't work as expected (yorik)
0000068: [Bug] DXF Import (yorik)
0000057: [Bug] Draft Offset needs improvement (yorik)
0000061: [Feature] make Draft text tool multi-line (yorik)
0000058: [Feature] Export B-splines to dxf format (yorik)
0000059: [Feature] Export Compounds as dxf blocks (yorik)
0000054: [Bug] Crash after playing with (yorik)
0000049: [Bug] Crash after drawing circle and extrude (yorik)
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