Scheduled For Release 2021-02-18
0003517: [Bug] STL/Mesh export options only visible after first mesh import
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0002732: [General] IGES and STEP export compatibility
0001558: [Feature] Save CAD data as text (JSON) for version control
0002336: [Feature] importing .obj file should use the object names as labels
0004201: [Feature] Add Support for Bezier Curves in Import Module Dxf Exporter
0001156: [Feature] JT File Format
0002335: [Feature] export in .obj file should use the objects labels
0004099: [Bug] FC crashes when try to make wall from segment (reason: faulty DXF file) (abdullah)
0000337: [Feature] add support for Rhino3D files
0003435: [Bug] Crash with STEP export (Upstream OCC bug)
0003070: [General] VRML 2 crashes with corner cases
0003606: [Feature] Point Cloud files *.asc with huge coordinates could be imported with wrong coordinates.
0002940: [Feature] Add material information to exported AMFs (ian.rees)
0003834: [Feature] Support of AXIS2_PLACEMENT_3D entities in STEP files (realthunder)
0003596: [Feature] DWG import/export - 3rd-party Teigha File Converter was renamed ODA, exec file path needs to be updated (chennes)
0003131: [Feature] fix export format in options (chennes)
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