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0001176AssemblyFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:29
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Summary0001176: Add visual indication when long tasks are performed
DescriptionI think there is a need to add a visual indication when something long is done by the program (like recalculation of the whole object for example).

An icon in the status bar of the main window might be a good idea.

I didn't try to work with really complex designs yet, but was experiencing some lags already...
An indication might be a bonus to the user experience.
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2013-07-12 19:49

administrator   ~0003393

For many operations where the number of steps is known we show a progress bar (heavily used e.g. in the Mesh module).

With OCC this is hardly possible because the algorithms there doesn't support a progress bar. The only exception I know of is the STEP/IGES importer.

As long as you don't need an animated icon this should be no problem. Otherwise all the used OCC algorithms need to be moved into worker threads.


2013-07-13 05:09

reporter   ~0003395

I don't know what OCC means, but I think if it's a long algorithm, it should be run apart from the GUI processing.
This way it might be easier to break the process into multi-thread implementation when needed, which might speed up the whole thing alot for complex parts.

My thought was to add a simple icon that changes the color when something is processing... a flashing one might be even better.
Showing a progress bar when possible is even better.


2013-07-13 08:02

administrator   ~0003397

OCC is the abbreviation for OpenCascade -- the CAD kernel. Unfortunately, most of the algorithms in OCC can't be multi-threaded because internally many global variables are used and thus makes it impossible in many situations to work with more than one thread.

Furthermore, threads should only be used if it's known that the operations will take a long time because spawning a thread is an expensive operation and thus should be avoided for fast operations which will take e.g. less the 1-2 sec.

A flashing icon is an absolutely no-go IMHO. Then I prefer something more decent like for example the animated icon of Firefox that appears when loading a heavy web page.


2013-07-13 08:42

reporter   ~0003399

We are talking about the same thing... Animated icon showing a progress is a very good solution.

Thanks for OCC explanation.
If it's a separate project, than someone might optimize it one day...


2017-01-10 15:28

reporter   ~0007604

If this is still relevant - another possibility would be to show a small bar moving from side to side or cycling through the progress bar.


2018-06-12 19:36

administrator   ~0011414

An example of a progress bar in an FC macro can be seen in


2018-09-28 00:13

administrator   ~0011865

Also in the Lithophane WB:


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016401

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5566.

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