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0001271SketcherFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:48
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Summary0001271: Allow User to Toggle Automatic Grid Sizeing in Sketcher On and Off
DescriptionShamelessly copied from the forum topic referenced below:

"I wish there was a feature where you set it so that the grid covers the entireity of the sketcher view, instead of just a bit near the most recent sketch. Basically, when I try and draw something right now the grid goes away except near the object, so if I draw a 1mm square box on a 1mm grid, and then want to draw another box next to it, the grid goes away entirely. What I am having to do now is draw a huge box around everything, just to keep my grid, then draw my sketch, then erase the huge box."
Additional InformationSome users may prefer the automatic sizing feature, and if automatic sizing was done to reduce CPU processing time, maybe a toggle box in the Edit Controls area (directly below the Sketcher Solver area)? A screen grab of this area is attached.
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related to 0001658 closed Sketcher Sketcher: Grid vanishes when drawing horizontal polyline on horizontal sketcher line 
has duplicate 0002734 closed FreeCAD Partial sketch grid 



2013-11-04 13:30


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20131012a.png (32,386 bytes)   


2013-11-16 18:19

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This issue is related with 0001049 : Sketcher preferences in preferences editor.


2015-03-23 09:42

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See also


2016-12-01 19:41

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See also
Possible solution: depending on zoom level and screen size compute the number of grids. If zoomed out too much use an upper limit based on resolution.


2017-03-13 13:51

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Mentioned again in


2017-03-21 12:50

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Resolved dupe of this ticket (0002734)


2018-10-06 14:52

manager   ~0011945

Solving a different ticket, I have implemented a dynamic grid size enlarging.

It is not exactly what the reporter requests, but maybe it (partly)fulfils the needs.

Basically, the grid is expanded to surpase the biggest object drawn so far (to the next 10 power, so 5 mm => 10 mm, 50mm => 100mm).

Additionally the grid is now always symetric on the two planes. Before it gave odd representations.

This implementation is now in master and in the PPA.


2019-05-03 12:47

reporter   ~0013078

Open the file.
Create a new sketch, XY plane.
Toggle construction mode On.
Make sure Auto Remove Redundant is Off
Carbon Copy Sketch005 - constraints 21,24 are showed as redundant.
Toggle construction mode Off.
Carbon Copy Sketch005 - no redundant constraints.


2022-03-03 13:55

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This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5573.

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