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Summary0001802: Add Devil (rounded, angled and tapered contact surface with a round hole in it)
DescriptionI'd like to propose a feature that takes away the effort from the user to make a so called "Devil". It's the rounded, angled and tapered contact surface with a round hole in it:

With a bit of good will you may see it here too:
Additional InformationI may make one at work for a really good close up picture to attach.
Tagsfillet, variable fillet
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2014-10-26 15:31

administrator   ~0005255

It's interesting, but I think you should describe much better all the particularities, properties and behaviours such feature should have, to interest a developer in coding it.


2014-10-26 16:18

reporter   ~0005256

Hi Yorik, I'll do my best. Just hang in there! =O)


2014-11-02 19:11


Devil_1.tar.xz (2,280,832 bytes)


2014-11-02 19:11


Devil_2.tar.gz (3,137,274 bytes)


2014-11-02 19:12


Devil_FC.fcstd (24,331 bytes)


2014-11-02 20:22

reporter   ~0005270

Last edited: 2014-11-02 20:25

Now, I tried it in FC and failed. So I did it at work in the cognac soaked programme.
I tried to make one picture per step as I went along, but I'm pretty sure I missed some steps here and there (my eyelids were almost touching my knees...).

The tricky part comes when the two cones radii are touching each other. I had to make radii without the cutting operation (as one normally does) in one step. When all fillets / radii where made I had to cut all surfaces and then join them. If one makes different radii on all surfaces it's no problem, but all radii equal spells trouble.


2014-11-02 20:24

reporter   ~0005271

First of all: note that everything is done oversized, one shall always make sure all constituent parts, with guarantee, cross each other, no matter how much you change your parts later on.

The first 7 pictures just shows how I build up the double curved surface, including a bunch of intersections for easier visual orientation.

Picture 8 -> 13 shows how to make a common point, projection line, intersection point, planes for placing sketches on and a contact surface width common point.

Picture 14 -> 17 show how I build up the first cone including the projection of "the common point for surface width" and constrain it to the profile to revolve. Then cone 1 is split by the common plane.

Picture 18 -> 20 shows the second cone, which is made in the same way as the first one.

Picture 21 -> 23 shows the making of the "real" contact surface.

Picture 24 -> 26 shows the making of the hole cutting feature.

Picture 27 -> 30 shows the making of a "loose" fillet (Trim support 1 [and 2] are deactivated) so one later can make boundaries and later still extract one of them for the purpose of cutting a hole in the double curved surface.

Picture 31 -> 38 shows the making of the second cone and its constituent contact surface with related radius and boundaries.

Picture 39 shows the making of the "real connected" radius between first cone and double curved surface by joining them.

Picture 40 -> 46 shows the making of the second cones radius with the same technique as before.

Picture 47 -> 52 shows gradual visual transition to ready surface with everything tangent.

Picture 53 -> 56 shows the tangency problem areas.

Picture 57 -> 60 shows the power of this modelling technique.


2014-11-02 20:36

reporter   ~0005272

I have in mind a function that takes one point on a surface as parameters, i.e. point and surface.
And then asks for the contact surface radius/diameter and plane.
And yet again for draft angles and radii.

Hope this straightened some question marks?


2017-01-11 18:27

administrator   ~0007639

Updated title of ticket for better comprehension


2017-05-12 12:29

administrator   ~0008972

@yorik can you weigh in on this ticket?


2017-05-18 02:11

administrator   ~0009045

Well you can probably already do something like that in FreeCAD with surfaces, but there could be a tool or macro to automate it, if someone wants to code it.


2017-05-18 02:42

administrator   ~0009046

@mario52 interested? Or perhaps propose this as a macro writing challenge?


2017-06-24 11:09

administrator   ~0009504

@Pauvres_honteux we lost the attachments to this ticket as well :(
Care to recreate?


2017-06-24 13:04

reporter   ~0009517

@Kunda1 ,
I'll check mi dungeon, I might have some luck...


2017-06-26 12:41

administrator   ~0009535

@Pauvres_honteux Another way to get this done is to build this as a macro yourself and then add to the FreeCAD-macro repo for others to download. What do you think?


2017-06-27 05:06

reporter   ~0009554

@Kunda1, as of now, to me it seems as the compressed tape archives I originally posted are back and working!
If they go away again, gimme a ping! =O)


2017-06-27 05:10

reporter   ~0009555

Hmm, macro ye say? Mi n' macros... Let me put it this way, we know where we have each other...


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016436

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5601.

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