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0002195ExpressionsBugpublic2018-09-14 20:23
ReporterFat-Zer Assigned Toeivindkvedalen  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.16 
Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002195: Input validator doesn't allow comma as decimal separator inside input fields a second time
DescriptionThere is a minor bug in input field validator. The comma as decimal separator (DS) is not allowed to show in an expression for the second time.
Steps To Reproduce1. Edit any input that allows expression e.g. a length sketch constraint.
2. Try to type in any expression with two decimals with comma DS e.g. "2,5+1,5"

The validator won't allow to type in the second comma.
Additional InformationI'm not sure if the locale should setup a comma DS to reproduce this.
The dot works fine in such cases.

Note: the bug was found by some german user from IRC who's nick I don't remember.
Tagsexpressions, locale, units
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related to 0002103 closed Arch Arch: Dimensions jumping by 10e3 on german localization 
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2015-09-15 08:57

administrator   ~0006424

Until Eivind's expression parser is not merged into master there will be nothing done on this. At the moment it's just luck that you can even enter e.g. "2,5+1" because the validator doesn't explicitly forbid it.


2016-02-12 16:14

administrator   ~0006827

I will remove the target version for now as there is nobody working on it.


2017-01-19 02:44

administrator   ~0007871

fixed summary typos


2017-10-10 02:23

administrator   ~0010278

@eivindkvedalen care to weigh in on this?


2017-12-13 15:28

administrator   ~0010600

@eivindkvedalen can I assign this to you?


2018-09-14 20:23

administrator   ~0011746

An input field has an expression editor where complex expressions can be entered. There is no need that an input field should support complex expressions directly.

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