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Summary0002474: Integrate LibreOffice Calc via GUI
DescriptionA convenient way to integrate a spreadsheet from LibreOffice Calc via GUI would be nice to have
Additional InformationThe FreeCAD spreadsheets offer some awesome functionalities for FreeCAD while still being slim and fast. However, for some applications it is necessary to do more difficult calculations.

Most of them would be more or less doable in FreeCAD spreadsheets but sometimes it can be more convenient to use a "full grown" spreadsheet program like LibreOffice Calc. For those cases an integration of LibreOffice Calc would be good.

If this is going to be implemented one difficulty might be to handle cell aliases. LibreOffice however has that feature, see


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2017-08-08 09:02

reporter   ~0009881

Without a doubt, power of a full featured spreadsheet program should certainly be useful in a number of projects !
AFAIC, linking models to external spreadsheets presents another VERY important and powerful advantage that is being able to centralize and share parameters between models. This would allow me to put all common parameters in a LO Calc "project sheet", and link/dynamicaly import it in all parts and assembly files.
This way:
   * modifying a parameter in the central sheet would "spread" into the whole project
   * misses and errors in duplicating values and cells aliases in all spreadsheets in all project files would be avoided.
Looking for a solution for this, I found this page which may present the beginning of a solution with 2 way (!) communication between a OO sheet and a FreeCAD model.


2017-08-08 17:12

administrator   ~0009883

@silopolis please open a forum thread to generate more community discussion on this topic. Thanks for the link. Very interesting.


2017-08-12 19:14

reporter   ~0009895

Discussion opened here


2020-03-14 21:59

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Integration attempt happening in


2020-11-03 15:08

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Moved to


2020-11-03 15:12

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Another project thread by @salp (AKA myoldz on github) at


2022-03-03 13:55

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This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5646.

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