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Summary0003054: Sketcher - List of important but empty wiki pages that need contents
DescriptionThis is just to keep track. Feel free to work on any of these!

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related to 0002017 closed FreeCAD List of important but empty wiki pages that need contents 
child of 0003625 closedKunda1 FreeCAD Incomplete Wiki Pages to be completed before next release 



2017-09-29 03:30

reporter   ~0010209

This is just a note to notify of any updates - as time allows I will see if I can offer any help here.


2018-01-26 21:33

administrator   ~0010870

@bejant do you have any availability to still do this?


2018-01-27 14:48

reporter   ~0010875

I expect to be able to start in a few days. Thanks for the reminder!


2018-03-05 12:18

reporter   ~0011015

I believe there is a mistake on this issue -- it references Sketcher_Arch3Point. But I believe the correct name for the command is Sketcher_CreateArc3Point.

I followed the link given in the issue and ended up creating a page, but found that Sketcher_Arch3Point is not a valid command (at least the GUI template wont work with it).

Now I believe that the page I created should be deleted. I don't know how to delete the page. To whom should I report this?


2018-06-07 21:00

administrator   ~0011364

@cds4byu link please


2018-10-10 18:21

administrator   ~0011996

since NormandC renamed this to and the page is complete


2018-10-16 11:37

reporter   ~0012038

I had a little look on this and the liked pages.

cbs4byu mentioned this one:
This site is empty and has a typo
Arch should be Arc, not to confuse with the workbench.
The site covers the basics.

The other linked sites can be differed between emty pages and a basic coverage.


Basic coverage:

The main missing component is the scripting part.


2018-10-17 04:30

manager   ~0012044

I just now noticed that ticket.

What should decide the name of a page is the "What's This?" button in FreeCAD, which is supposed to open the offline Help at the page for the command.

The offline Help file is generated from the wiki. For many commands the help file opens with a "Page not found" error either because the page does not exist, or it is not correctly named in the wiki.

In the past few weeks I've been renaming a lot of command pages in the wiki; the plan is for next 0.18 release to eliminate the "page not found" issues with the "What's This?" button.

This site is empty and has a typo

This is a duplicate of Sketcher_Arc3Point, I just deleted it.


Sketcher_ConicSections is the wrong name, the real page name is Sketcher_CompCreateConic and is completed.

Sketcher_Ellipse_by_3_Points was renamed by me 10 days ago to Sketcher_CreateEllipseBy3Points.

The main missing component is the scripting part.

A majority of users use the Sketcher as it is mainly meant to be used, from the GUI. It is fine if somebody decides to augment these pages with the scripting part, but they should not be considered incomplete if they don't include it.


2018-10-17 20:29

reporter   ~0012051

With fresh git pull from today, i still get a
Error loading: qthelp://org.freecad.usermanual/doc/Sketcher_CompCreateConic.html
for CompCreateConic, though your link works fine.
Maybe the "html", or is the offline Help not generated on my machine?
I checked the wiki "Command Reference" and went through the geometry part of the sketcher toolbars.

Sketcher Geometrie Toolbar
Name should be - current name in the wiki

Comp-Pages to be created and linked with the sub-topics
Name should be - current name in the wiki
Sketcher_CompCreateArc no Comp-page, just ,
Sketcher_CompCreateCircle no Comp-page, just ,
Sketcher_CompCreateRegularPolygon no Comp-page, just , , , , , , (no regular polygon)
Sketcher_CompCreateBSpline no Comp-page, no other pages

Sites to create new

Is this correct?


2018-10-18 01:38

manager   ~0012061

To answer to your first question, as I already wrote, the help file installed with FreeCAD is generated from the wiki, but once it's made it's *static*. Fixing the wiki will not magically fix the help file that is already packaged. It will need to be rebuilt by the FreeCAD developers, and because it is a massive job they only do that once for every new release. So as I wrote, this will not get fixed until the v0.18 release.

As for the rest you seem to be correct about page naming. It is even worse: all Sketcher geometries pages should be named "Sketcher_CreateXXX": Sketcher_CreateArc, Sketcher_CreateArc3Point, Sketcher_CreateCircle, etc.

We have more pages to rename than I thought.


2018-10-18 01:43

manager   ~0012062

All these comments are buried under a tracker report. I think this discussion needs to be taken out of here and on the wiki where it will have a larger audience and be much easier to follow.


2018-10-24 08:42

reporter   ~0012087

Here a patch for this Error:
Press "Whats this?" on Radius Constraint tries to open Sketcher_CompCreateCircle.
Create refers to a geometry, not a constraint. It should be Sketcher_CompConstrainRadDia.
geometry_constraint_typo.patch (710 bytes)   
diff --git a/src/Mod/Sketcher/Gui/CommandConstraints.cpp b/src/Mod/Sketcher/Gui/CommandConstraints.cpp
index 5b85d231c..8b137b1ac 100644
--- a/src/Mod/Sketcher/Gui/CommandConstraints.cpp
+++ b/src/Mod/Sketcher/Gui/CommandConstraints.cpp
@@ -5916,7 +5916,7 @@ CmdSketcherCompConstrainRadDia::CmdSketcherCompConstrainRadDia()
     sGroup          = QT_TR_NOOP("Sketcher");
     sMenuText       = QT_TR_NOOP("Constrain arc or circle");
     sToolTipText    = QT_TR_NOOP("Constrain an arc or a circle");
-    sWhatsThis      = "Sketcher_CompCreateCircle";
+    sWhatsThis      = "Sketcher_CompConstrainRadDia";
     sStatusTip      = sToolTipText;
     sAccel          = "SHIFT+R";
     eType           = ForEdit;


2018-11-01 03:16

manager   ~0012121

Sketcher_MergeSketch should be renamed to Sketcher_MergeSketches.


2021-03-27 10:08

administrator   ~0015549

Closing ticket as these pages are either complete or semi-complete (missing images or some sections). Addressing those issues elsewhere.

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