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0003107SketcherFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:48
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PlatformLinuxOSMintOS Version18.1
Product Version0.16 
Target Version0.20 
Summary0003107: Customize Sketcher units
DescriptionWhile it is straightforward to select between different units systems in Sketcher, there is no way to control which units are employed.

For example, if "US Customary" units are selected, as the magnitudes of the dimensions increase / decrease, inches become feet, which become yards, etc. In some workflows, however, there may only be one or a few of the conversions that are desirable - for example it may be that we only want to convert between feet and miles, or want to display in feet only.

Recommended change:

When a system of units is selected under File->Preferences-Units, populate a series of checkboxes, each representing one of the units within that system.

The user can then seleect / deseselect which units are used in the sketch.

Sketcher, then, retains those choices and converts only between the user-selected units.
Additional InformationOS: Linux Mint 18.1 Serena
Word size of OS: 64-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.16.6707 (Git)
Build type: None
Branch: releases/FreeCAD-0-16
Hash: 5465bc47c95db45e0be85dc0e2872419efadce0f
Python version: 2.7.6
Qt version: 4.8.6
Coin version: 4.0.0a
OCC version: 6.8.0.oce-0.17
Tags#post-to-forum, units
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2017-06-26 12:31

administrator   ~0009534

@graffy thanks for the reports. I can't test them ATM but please be aware of how we ask folks to report bugs for the FC project:
Can you post these tickets to the forum (make sure to include your full version info (per the guidelines). Thanks


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016550

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5715.

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