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0003647TechDrawFeaturepublic2021-03-07 11:20
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Summary0003647: Allow for easy editing of TechDraw elements by double clicking
DescriptionTo create a View, the user selects a 3D object, and then uses the TechDraw_NewView, or the TechDraw_NewProjGroup. Further options of the View can only be changed from the Property view panel, including the direction of the projection, the scale, and the elements included in the View.

Currently, to change which elements form part of the View, the user must edit the "Source" property; it opens a dialog with many elements, including "None (Remove link)". This is a tedious way of selecting which elements are part on the View, in particular if the document has hundreds or thousands of different elements to choose from.

A better way of selecting elements is the way the Arch workbench does it: double clicking the element in the tree view displays a dialog to add or remove elements from the 3D viewport or from the tree view itself.

Double clicking the View element should probably also allow for changing the direction of projection and the scale.

This editing by double-clicking can also be used for other TechDraw elements, for example, the Template of the page, the Arch Section View, Dimensions, Hatches, etc. Double clicking the Template should open a dialog to select an SVG template; double clicking the Arch Section View should open a dialog to select an Arch_SectionPlane in the document; double clicking the Dimension should open a dialog to chenge its properties; double clicking a Hatch should open a dialog to select the SVG hatch.

Some elements can already be edited by double clicking, like the TechDraw_GeomHatch, and the Projection Group.

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OCC version: 7.3.0
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related to 0003646 new Allow manual entry of the main direction (the front) for a ProjectionGroup 



2018-10-22 19:03

reporter   ~0012084

This feature request is also related to issue 3646. The projection direction could be defined by double clicking an already placed View object, and changing the properties in a dialog.


2022-03-03 13:55

administrator   ~0016657

This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5822.

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