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0003808FreeCADBugpublic2021-02-24 23:30
Reportermarkus51 Assigned To 
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Product Version0.18 
Target Version0.19Fixed in Version0.19 
Summary0003808: "2nd length" in "Pocket parameters" shows wrong value when a negative f(x) was defined
DescriptionWhen you input a negative f(x) value in "2nd length" (i.e. -20.0) then 0.0 will be shown in the dialog after closing the f(x) input and reopening the "Pocket parameters".

See at the attached picture:
    *) "2nd length / f(x)" = -20.0
    *) shown value = 0.00 mm

All was tested on FreeCAD_0.18.15711.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Add a new cube (100x100x100) in "Part design. (look at "Pad")
2.) Create a Pocket on this cube.
3.) Select "Two dimensions" in the "Pocket parameters"
4.) Input 120mm at "Length"
5.) Press f(x) in the "2nd length" field.
6.) Input -20
7.) Press OK in the f(x) input
8.) Press OK on the "Pocket parameters"
9.) Double click on the new pocket in the "Combo view / Model"
10.) Now you see "0.00 mm" instead of "-20.0 mm" in the "2nd length" field.

Perhaps it will be a good idea to allow to input a negative value directly
in the "2nd length" field.

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related to 0003925 confirmed Expressions Negative numbers with multiple units interpeted as expressions 



2019-01-29 10:20


WrongValue.png (78,887 bytes)   
WrongValue.png (78,887 bytes)   
WrongValue.FCStd (15,553 bytes)


2019-02-01 11:12

administrator   ~0012573

@chrisb may i punt this to you?


2019-02-01 12:58

developer   ~0012574

The behaviour of negative 2nd length is not documented for negative values, and it is not possible to enter them as non-expression values. So any behaviour is acceptable and it is definitely not a bug.

Nevertheless, the behaviour is very interesting by defining a positive offset of the pocket. So it can well be a feature request.

This should be discussed in the forum. @markus51, please add a forum topic (which in fact you should have done anyway before creating a ticket).


2019-02-01 13:34

reporter   ~0012575

" definitely not a bug...."

is's an interested opinion.

We can discuss whether negative values are allowed, but if the formular (f(x))
calculates an negative value ist MUST be shown in text field !

How a user should see that his formula produces negative value, wenn in the
text field always showes "0.00", that's nonsens ?

Nobody finds such an error.


2019-04-05 11:18

administrator   ~0012998

Cleaned up the typos


2021-02-24 23:30

administrator   ~0015431

Works now.

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