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0000892DraftBugpublic2012-12-20 22:25
Reportermore10 Assigned Toyorik  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000892: Snap to grid cannot be turned off
DescriptionIn draft module the working plane is set to a surface not aligned to any axis.

Always snap to objects is unticked.

When starting a line (or making a point) the location of the start is random around the mouse click location, but not exactly under the mouse.

Snap on/off makes no difference.

I will try reboot to see if that helps.
Additional Informationrevision 1694 on a 32 bit ubuntu 12.04 running in vmware workstation
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duplicate of 0000891 closedyorik Snap to intersection doesn't work in draft module 



2012-11-28 22:24

reporter   ~0002591

Problem is only when trying to place a new line on top of existing selectable lines. So there is no snap to grid in work here. When selectable is set to false for the existing lines, the new line is placed exactly under the cursor.

So this is a minor problem.


2012-11-28 23:49

administrator   ~0002593

I don't understand exactly what you mean... As far as I can see, the clicked point is always under the mouse cursor, unless it got snapped to the nearest object, which is the desired behaviour. Can you explain better?

Also the description of your problem is different from the title... Are you reporting 2 different problems?


2012-11-29 00:31

reporter   ~0002597

Initially I thought that new lines where snapping to grid. I am trying to start a new line at the intersection between two other lines, because snap to intersection doesn´t work. If the two other lines are selectable, the new line will start from a place close, but not under the cursor.

Use the uploaded file for the other report I made if you want to reproduce.


2012-11-29 20:20

administrator   ~0002603

This is the same problem as 0000891 and 0000893, probably a precision problem. As for clicking on top of an object, for me all seems to work normally...


2012-12-20 22:25

administrator   ~0002733

This is fixed in 496a216

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