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0000893DraftBugpublic2017-03-27 08:30
Reportermore10 Assigned Toyorik  
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Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0000893: Fail to upgrade wire to face in drafting module
DescriptionIn draft module the working plane is set to a surface not aligned to any axis.

Four lines are constructed using snap when possible. The lines are sucessfully upgraded to a wire (Found several edges: wiring them). The wire however cannot be upgraded to a face (One wire is not planar, upgrade not done).

Additional InformationRevision 1694 on a 32 bit ubuntu 12.04 running in vmware workstation 8.0.5
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parent of 0000891 closedyorik Snap to intersection doesn't work in draft module 
parent of 0000921 closedyorik Upgrading wire to face deletes object 



2012-11-28 23:45

administrator   ~0002592

Apparently the message says the cause of the problem... The vertices of the wire are not on a same plane, so the wire cannot be turned into a face. If you think this is wrong, and all the vertices are on the same plane, please upload the file so I can check what is wrong...


2012-11-29 00:00

reporter   ~0002595

Well all vertices are constructed on a set working plane in draft module. So they should be on the same plane. Ill see if I can reproduce the problem in a macro.

2012-11-29 00:16


bug.fcstd (25,858 bytes)


2012-11-29 00:22

reporter   ~0002596

Uploaded drawing file. It has a wire constructed as below.

In order to reproduce:

"Set to rear view". Choose "Draft". Mark face of "Baffle". Set working plane. Create the 4 vertices. Upgrade, upgrade.


2012-11-29 20:17

administrator   ~0002602

Hm there is indeed some problem, probably related to precision... OCC doesn't consider the wire planar, so it cannot make a face. I'll investigate...


2013-10-18 19:21

administrator   ~0003769

Fixed in e18fb98
Used another more robust method for creating faces

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FreeCAD: master e18fb989

2013-10-18 23:20:13

Yorik van Havre

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