Released 2015-04-05
0001621: [Bug] "Offset" option in "Set/unset a working plane" didn't work (yorik)
0001687: [Feature] Draft > Trim / Extend Along Self (yorik)
0001675: [Bug] File selection dialog for texture image starts in /usr/lib/freecad (yorik)
0001642: [Feature] Moving parts created from sketches is ignored (yorik)
0001660: [Bug] Draft.scale should use default value = 1 for scaling (yorik)
0001661: [Bug] Draft Convert Sketch to Draft (yorik)
0001582: [Bug] Delete closes entire program (yorik)
0001568: [Feature] Draft - Allow to select all objects in the same group as the selected object (yorik)
0001606: [Bug] Draft - Offset value doesn't have effect in SelectPlane tool (yorik)
0001584: Import DXF failure (yorik)
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