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0002942FreeCADBugpublic2017-03-27 17:29
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOsx El CapitanOS Version10.11.6
Product Version0.17 
Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002942: Qt5 - Osx - automatic trees selection after cancel
DescriptionWhen I cancel an operation, if I move the mouse over the tree, the operation/features in the tree are selected automatically.
I need to click once to cancel the selection. (valid on all files)
Steps To ReproduceOpen an existing file
double click on a feature to edit it (A pocket for instance)
cancel the editing
move the mouse over the tree
the feature are automatically selected
Additional Informationforum thread :
TagsmacOS, Qt5
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child of 0002986 closedwmayer Port from Qt4 to Qt5 (Ongoing) 



2017-03-05 14:58


BugSelectTree.gif (Attachment missing)


2017-03-21 17:09

developer   ~0008681

Confirmed as fixed by PR-635

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FreeCAD: master c193dbe2

2017-03-21 16:36:53


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enable FREECAD_USE_QTOPENGL_WIDGET by default for Qt5, fixes 0002952, fixes 0001401 Affected Issues
0001401, 0002942, 0002952, 0002953, 0002986
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